Privacy Policy

Stenson Fields Parish Council Privacy Notice
What Data Do We Collect
When you contact us we collect certain information or personal data about you to help us carry out our Parish Council functions. We only collect the contact details that you are willing to give us to allow us to respond to the enquiries you make or carry out the service you request. Your contact details can be given in any form you choose, although our preferred method of communication is now email.
How We Look After Your Data
We have procedures and security features in place to keep your data secure once we receive it. (Sending information over the internet is generally not completely secure, and we can’t guarantee the security of your data while it is in transit.)
Disclosing your information
We won’t share your information with any other organisations for marketing, market research or commercial purposes. We may have to pass on your personal information if we have a legal obligation to do so, or if we have to apply our terms and conditions of hire and other agreements.
Following a link to another website
If you go to another website from our Parish Council site, please read the privacy policy on that website to find out what that organisation does with your information.
Following a link to Stenson Fields Parish Council from another website
If you come to the Parish Council site from another website, we may receive information about you from the other website. We do not use this data. You should read the privacy policy of the website you came from to find out more about this.
Breach of Privacy
We aim to keep your data as secure as possible. In the unlikely event that we breach this promise, under the General Data Protection Regulations we are required to report this breach to the Information Commissioner’s Office within 72 hours of discovering the breach and follow strict guidelines to resolve the incident.
Your rights
You can ask to see what information we hold about you.
For further information please visit our Data Protection Policy which can be found at both the Policies & Terms of Use pages links.
Clerk to the Council
July 2020