Recycling centres to open

County Council’s household waste recycling centres will reopen with restrictions in place from Monday 18 May – but residents are only advised to visit them if they have waste they cannot store safely at home.

Please use your kerbside bins and bulky waste services run by your local and district borough council as you would normally do. And if you’re planning to visit one of our centres, check out these golden rules before you travel:
Only travel to your local recycling centre if it is essential because you can’t continue to store waste safely at home without it causing injury or harm.
Check which day you can access our recycling centres based on the last number on your vehicle registration plate – if it’s an odd number, you can visit on odd numbered days of the month and if it’s even you can visit on even numbered days.
Avoid taking excessive amounts of waste and please don’t bring vans or trailers.
Please be prepared to queue as social distancing measures mean fewer vehicles will be allowed on site at any one time.
Wear protective gloves, appropriate footwear and clothing and only bring what you can safely handle. Staff can’t carry your waste as they normally would.
Visit on your own – unless you need another adult from your household to help carry your waste.
Stay at least 2 metres away from staff and other users and wash your hands when you get home.
Stay at home if you have had coronavirus symptoms in the last 14 days, are self-isolating or at high risk of contracting the virus.